The Broke College Student’s Guide to Good Food

Look, we’ve all been there. We all have those days where nothing in Phelps or Cook looks appetizing, and the Kletz is closed. Luckily, there’s an abundance of great places to eat out around Hope’s campus, but one thing that college students always seem to be short on is cold hard cash, so I figured I’d make a list of some of the good places to eat around Hope that just happen to have some great student discounts.

1. Subs ‘n More


No list of great places to eat can go without at least a subtle nod to Holland’s best sandwich shop. Subs ‘n More serves pizza, subs, breadsticks and salads, and they’re all out of this world. The perfect size to get a sub in is 7″, and that’ll run you just over $6.00 dollars.

Location: 8th Street across from The Peanut Store.

Hope Student Discount: Free drink with Hope ID!

2. Froggy’s 


Froggy’s is a cool little burger joint in Holland that serves both burgers and hot dogs. They also feature local sodas, which can honestly be a little pricey. An average meal will run you close to $8.00 dollars, but if you go on Tuesdays, you can get a burger, fries and a drink for $4.00 dollars! Not a bad deal, huh?

Location: 8th Street on the same block as the New Holland Brewing Co.

Hope Student Discount: 10% off with Hope ID!

3. Jimmy John’s


Chances are that if you’re from anywhere in the U.S.A you’ve been to Jimmy John’s. If that’s the case, you probably already know how awesome their subs and chips are. A meal including a sandwich, chips and a drink will run you just about $7.00, and that’s not a bad deal.

Location: 8th Street near The Outpost.

Hope Student Discount: None.

4. Papa John’s Pizza


If there’s one thing that every college student loves, it’s pizza. Papa John’s isn’t really the best option out there, but they have a pretty good deal for Hope students. You can get a large pizza for $7.00 dollars, which isn’t a bad deal. If you want delivery, it only brings the price up to $11.00 dollars.

Location: Delivers.

Hope Student Discount: Large Pizza for $6.99

So there you have it, a few places to eat when you just can’t stand what’s on campus. Make sure you go to the Dow though after to work off all this great food!

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