Too Cool College….

Woah. I feel like I always start blog posts with woah. You know why? Because college is so freakin’ cool. No, really. I honestly hope that you have as much fun as I am. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. 

I know a lot of students don’t share what I feel about school, but I hope they can find something that makes them feel the way I do.

The past two weeks have been absolutely crazy. Sorry for the MIA on blogging. Wanna know what I’ve been up to?

First of all, we got a shipment of ducks in!!!!  Little baby ducklings to study. Currently, I’m working on gut ecology with Dr. Fraley, studying the bacterial contents of ducklings at different ages. 

I’ve spent years and years in the lab it seems. Today I ran a gel!

Second, I have been consumed by Organic Chemistry. Days and long nights of studying, prepping for lab periods, etc. Get ready, it’s a boat load of fun!! 🙂 

Third, BEST DAY EVER. I got the great opportunity to hang out with Dr. Carl Wierks in his OR at Holland Hospital. He allowed me to observe three surgeries including two anterior labral hip repairs and a labral shoulder repair. It was the most AMAZING thing ever. If you like medicine, OR is the place to be. 

Maybe the most fundamental event that has happened this semester is the purchase of a COFFEEPOT. Yep. I’m a real-live adult now. I have a coffeepot, plenty of coffee, and my roommate even bought us flavored coffee. I literally can brew a pot around 9 PM, drink it by 1 AM along with my roommate, and zonk out by 1:30 AM. YAY COLLEGE.

If you don’t like coffee, it’s okay. It can easily be an aquired taste. Start off with lots of cream and sugar to your taste, and eventually you’ll be a true Finnish gal like me, drinking it black by the pot.

My coffeepot has brought me immense joy and pleasure in the long and arduous hours of academia.

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Hi! I'm Amanda. I'm from Traverse City, Mi and I'm a Junior Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major. I do research for the Fraley lab on the gut bacterial ecology of Pekin ducks and I work for the Chemistry department! Aspiring Neurosurgeon and LOVE to learn in all situations. Follow me on Twitter! @hopeamanda15

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