Life in the dorms

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Today I interviewed my friend Ali about her experiences living in the dorm. I thought Ali’s answers would be helpful for some of you who may living in the dorm next fall.

What is your favorite part about living in the dorms?


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I live in Gilmore and love it because of the community. I
enjoy living in such close proximity to a lot of different people. I lived here
last year as a freshman too, so it was nice to have a community of
sophomores as well as freshmen.

What are some fun activities that you do with your dorm?

Last night we had a hopping pool party at the Dow! We’ve
also gone ice skating and roller blading. We had a dorm Christmas party, and in
the fall we picked apples at Crane’s.

What’s your favorite thing about having a roommate?

I LOVE my roommate! It’s great coming home to such an awesome friend! We talk about our days, we have deep discussions, and it’s just really
great to know that I have a friend all the time. She’s the best!

What’s it like sharing a community bathroom?

I really like it. I never have to clean it, which is great!
There’s always music playing, and I actually have a lot of great discussions in
there. The bathroom is a great place to meet people that you wouldn’t encounter
otherwise. Also at night my friends and I get to brush our teeth all together
and talk about our days and bond, which is a highlight of my day.

Are you able to study a lot in the dorm?

Not always in my room, which can be a blessing and a curse.
It’s great because people are always coming in and out, which is super fun but
doesn’t always make for a good study environment. But when I do want to do some
serious studying, I just walk down to the basement and there I can go to the study
room where I can study as much as I want without being disturbed.

What’s your best piece of advice for living in the dorm your
freshman year?

I have two, actually. My first piece of advice is to get to
know your neighbors! A great way to get to know your neighbors is to leave your
door open, so that people can just pop in and say hello. My second piece of
advice is to talk to your roommate. Living with another person can be a big
adjustment, so it’s important that you and your roommate can be honest and open
with one another.

What are you most excited about for living in a cottage next

I am so excited to live with all my close friends in one
place! I am also really excited to have a kitchen and start cooking for myself,
even though I can’t really make anything real. Really, I’m excited for a new

I hope you all found some of Ali’s insight helpful. I met Ali last year because we were neighbors and became really good friends within her first week on campus.

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