A Springtime Poem

As the snow and ice finally begin to melt on campus, the new signs of spring are showing up. I’ve been seeing plants peaking out from the ground and buds starting to grow on trees. All of this makes me very happy because spring is my favorite season!

While I was walking through the aisles of Van Wylen Library last week, I found a book of poems called How Can I Keep From Singing? by Deckard Ritter. Now, I’m normally not a big fan of poetry, but the musically themed title made me curious to look inside. I flipped through a couple of pages and absolutely loved what I read. I checked the book out and have been leafing through it ever since. What’s great about this book is that the author, Deckard, was a former Hope professor. He earned his Ed. D. from New York University and taught english here, and at Talladega College in Alabama and Ohio Wesleyan University. He wrote poetry for seven decades; he even wrote a poem on the day he died! His family and friends published the poems, which were previously unknown to the rest of the world.

One particular poem that I think is appropriate for spring is called Seasons:

A blizzard fierce and cold holds sway
Along Ohio’s streets and roads.
The snow besieges homes by day;
It chills the nights and often goads
Us on sallies we regret,
With checks the eager frost has bitten,
And limp resolve to not forget
And go again and be so smitten.
And still we go because we know
That life is more than cozy kitchens,
And be the weather friend or foe
Besides, these skies that suffering bring
Will soon be blessing us with spring.

Beautiful, isn’t it? It only makes me more excited for the coming days 🙂

I want to wish all Hope students a happy spring break! Stay safe!


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Published by Rachael Kabagabu

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