The sunshine outside makes me forget that the fall had come. It is such a nice day to write my first post here.


Hi folks,

It is cool to join the Blogger team. I am Xavier, an international student from China. This is my second year here and I feel everything is still so awesome! I am so excited to have this chance to share the beautiful moments in this campus. Before going on, please let me tell something about myself and the stories happened here.

Went to play soccer with my bff.
Went to play soccer with my bff.

My major is electrical engineering now. I switched from chemistry/chemical engineering to this at the beginning of this semester. I found I am more interested in engineering so I did that. What I want to say, however, is the chemistry department is very neat here! That might be the wealthiest department here. Every year, there are many science guys coming here to involve in chem and bio. Great choice!

I lived in Scott Hall last year with Phelps Scholars. Phelps Scholar Program is one of the most featured program here. The multicultural education is highlighted here. Folks in this program are all very easygoing and funny. Thus, my freshman year became an unforgettable one. I recommend that every one should apply for it if you are interested in different culture and ideas. Wyckoff Hall, which is next to Scott, is where I am living now.

Not a good pic… I was highlighting the scenes when I took it 🙂

Interested in my social life? Eh… It may let you down. Most of time, I am hanging out with my engineering guys. I do homework with them, I go to lunch with them, I play games with them… I did almost everything with them… These guys are interesting, friendly and cool! So my social life is all right though it sounds monotonous. Still, I went to some activities occasionally, like HAPA. HAPA is one of my favorite organization here, whose full name is Hope’s Asian Perspective Association. Managed by students, this club always have some fantastic activities that I never want to miss.

Because of my job, I begin to use Twitter. Nice to be a twitter bird after posting several posts 🙂 If you would like to know more about this cute college (see our mascot and you will know why I say it’s a cutie 😉   )



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Thanks for reading my first post :0

Have a great day!



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