Fall Break

How crazy is to think that this semester is halfway over? Well, believe it or not, Fall Break marks the halfway point in the Fall 2013 semester. As the halfway point, Fall Break is the perfect time to go home, relax, and spend time with family and friends.

I was no exception to wanting to go home to relax and see family, however, I had another reason to be excited for Fall Break.

On Friday, October 4th, my mother sent me a text with a picture of a puppy. I was shocked when I got the picture because I have been encouraging my mom to buy a puppy. Well, a little over a week and a half ago, my mom decided to purchase a 9-week-old Malti-Poo.

When I found out that my mom bought a puppy I couldn’t wait to arrive home for fall break. Well, let me tell you, taking care of a puppy isn’t too relaxing, but it is a ton of fun.

For her small size of 2 lbs. and 15 ounces, Maizey (no she is not named after University of Michigan) has quite a bit of energy. We would play from 9:30 AM-11:30 PM almost every day. I taught Maizey a few tricks, but I’m most proud of teaching her to give me a hug.

Even though she’s crazy busy and loves to chew on my shoes, I am so happy to welcome this four-legged creature into my family. And, I’m looking forward to Christmas when I see the puppy again!

While babysitting Maizey was a large portion of my Fall Break, I also got the opportunity to see family and friends. It’s crazy how much can change in such a short time period. I enjoyed catching up with people back home, especially my mom!

All in all, I can say that it was a great break! I am happy to be back at school but I look forward to the next time that I can go home!

Enjoy the rest of your week and stay dry in this cold rain! Make sure to check back later in the week for another blog and remember to follow me on Twitter at @hopechelsea15.

Go Hope!!

Fall Break with Maizey

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Hello! My name is Chelsea Barfield and I am from Dallas, Texas. I am a fifth year senior at Hope studying Accounting, Management, and Leadership. While at Hope, I have been involved in several different activities and groups including: Relay for Life, Dance Marathon, Student Orientation, Business Club, Student Consulting, Hope College Admissions, and Campus Ministries. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, reading, coffee dates, spending time with friends, and playing tennis. I look forward to sharing my Hope College experience with you! Go Hope!

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