Preparing to cross the pond

As some of you may know from reading my bio, I am studying abroad in Seville, Spain this semester.  While all of my peers have buckled down and began classes, I get to relax…I mean, mentally prepare for full language immersion.  

During the last few weeks, I have familiarized myself with two telenovelas, Decisiones and Corazón Valiente.  Understanding between 70-90% of the dialogue, I have come to two conclusions:

  1. Telenovelas are sappy attempts at conveying love & romance (common knowledge to most)    
  1. If the actresses were half as talented as beautiful, both shows would be infinitely less painful to watch

I also have brushed up on my literary skills by DIVING into Cristiano Ronaldo’s biography.  According to Luca Caioli, the author, Ronaldo is a courageous player, despite his frequent tears.  News to me.  And the rest of the futból world.  After about 125 páginas, I can honestly say I am now a bigger Messi fan than ever.  Regardless of Real Madrid’s recent supercopa victory over Barcelona.  Big deal, you scored more “away” goals.  Lame tiebreaker if you ask me.  But what would I know about European futból?  Yet.

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