TEDx = Totally Terrific

Well, if you want to be completely depressed about your life and how little you’ve accomplished, check out Adora Svitak. She also has a lot of very potent and truthful things to say. Her topics and speches will definitely give you something to chew on throughout the day. 

Where did I hear about Adora? TEDx Macatawa!!! I was fortunate enough to be invited (yes you have to apply; 400 people were given ticks) to this AWESOME event hosted by some of Holland’s finest business leaders. You may have heard of the TED talks, given nationwide by leaders in industry and business. Well TEDx is an independently organized, but still totally fantastic branch of TED. The Holland business leaders really did a fantastic job with the event. Better yet, it was supported and held at Hope, and took place (literally) in my backyard.

Our topic of discussion was Do More Good. In our community, in our schools, in our relationshipes, in our world. There were 16 fabulous speakers that each gave a 15 minute presentation/talk about something in their lives where they have realized  how to do more good or areas that they imagine they will be able to do more good. Presentations varied from learning about Kids’ Food Basket to Chris Klein speaking about building relationships to our own Dr. Peaslee, the Head of Chemistry at Hope. You can read about all the speakers here

Read some of the things I learned throughout the day, not to mention all the wonderful and brilliant people I networked with, branching more into the greater Holland business area:

  • Instead of avoiding conflict, take a step towards it with Resorative Conflict Circles
  • “We all have a disability that we mask, mine is just able to be seen. It’s time to stop pretending we have it all together and share each other’s stories.” -Chris Klein
  • “Generosity with no obligation of reciprocity is inspirational.” – Nancy DeBoer
  • “Those who quietly live to give, plant a better future that is simple, profound and possible.” – Nancy DeBoer
  • “Bloom where you are planted. Be a player, not a watcher.” 
  • “Some people make things happen, some people watch things happen, and others wonder what happened. Which will you be?”
  • “Pursue your authentic voice to create and contribute to the greater good. Gratification does not come from this; but contemptment does.”
  • “There are two things we own: This moment and our story.”

So do what you can, and strive to do more good.

— A

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