What is so special about April 1st?

Oh yes, April Fools’ day. A much needed day among the 365 days in a year. It could possibly take the place of one of my favorite national holidays. I love to play jokes on people, and I also enjoy receiving jokes. This past Friday was filled with laughter, excitement, and pranks. I’ll just tell you a little about my experience…

This past April Fools’ day started off on the right foot in my morning Spanish class. Before class started, we all planned to start leaving the class room one by one starting at 9:45 in 30 second intervals. We each left the class every 30 seconds and gathered together in the hallway. Afterwards we all came back in the classroom, and our professor got a kick out of our little prank. He has a great sense of humor and told us some funny stories the rest of class. I honestly do not think I have ever laughed more in a class than my 9:30 Spanish class. I am so glad it starts off my day.

Another prank… My neighbors thought they would be clever and duct tape my room mate and I out of our door from the outside… (real original) Anyway, they used over four rolls of duct tape on our door. We had to eventually cut it at the bottom and crawl in and out of our door. I will admit that it was funny. My roommate and I our planning our revenge whenever they least expect it. No worries, I will fill you in on when it happens. 

In the mean time, I hope you all have a great day, and I hope you enjoyed April Fools’ Day!

Their hard work…

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Published by Colleen Quick

My name is Colleen and I'm from Springfield, IL and am a Senior this year! I am studying International Business and Spanish. I have been involved with a variety of groups and activities on campus such as: Business Club, Student Alumni Leadership Council, Volunteer Services Committee, Student Congress, Mortar Board, Intramurals, HEI, Dance Marathon, and other activities. I love Hope College and the people here! So blessed to be living in Holland and attending Hope :]

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