Juarez Spring Break Mission Trip!

Hola a todos!

Spring break 2011, where to begin?

I traveled with a group of 10 people to Juarez, Mexico for a mission trip. I normally visit Juarez about four times a year because my dad started a not-for-profit organization called Amigos en Cristo in Juarez. I absolutely love participating in mission trips there. This trip we worked a lot on maintenance.

We painted some buildings, fixed railings, set up a new playground, and did some other construction work. I really enjoy spending time in Juarez. I have been going there since I was eight years old. The people there are so sweet. One of the things Amigos en Cristo does is run two community centers. These centers offer after-school programs, life skills classes, GED, parenting classes, Bible studies, and so much more. The organization has only been running since 2008, and so many lives are already changing. The people we work with are so caring and grateful. I love spending time with the people.

The kids are a blast to play with and all of their energy. I am also glad I’m able to practice my Spanish. Every night after dinner we would play games with the kids outside. I had so much fun with them. After every trip I go on, I come back feeling so appreciative for what God has blessed me with. It is important to not forget all of the things we have to be thankful for. God is working in powerful ways in Juarez. People tell me I’m crazy for going to the murder capital of the world, but the people there still have a lot of needs. I’m blessed with the opportunity to serve with them. I always hate coming back from the trips, but I have a lot to look forward to at school. I’m excited to see all of my friends again. I’m also glad I’ll be coming back a little more tan 🙂

I hope you all enjoy your weeks and appreciate all of your blessings!



Some of the kids at the community center

Juarez Scenery

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