Are we TOO close?

Well, exciting news. Today, my roommates and I rearranged and reorganized our room!


Odds are, if you’re a female freshman, you’ll be placed in Dykstra Hall, which houses around 400 freshman girls. That may sound like a lot, but it’s actually very well organized. There are three floors that each have 6 “clusters” plus two additional clusters in the basement (G1 and G2). Each “cluster” consists of a living room area with two couches, two chairs, a study table with chairs, and an end-table of some sort.


Each cluster shares a 6-stall, 4-shower, and one bathtub bathroom with their “sister cluster.”


Because I’m in a triple, we have more space than others in a normal double room. The biggest obstacle to work around is the built in closet and vanity, which is very handy to have. You can see it here in our new arrangement:

Probably one of the more bizarre (I like to think of it as “uncommon”) things we did is put all of our beds together into a square bed. This means that all three of our beds are touching. My bed has the purple bedspread and is on the outside. Some people are very hesitant about this, as it means we are all sleeping in the same region of the room and we’re VERY close to each other. I definitely don’t mind it and I’m actually glad that it’s only October: MORE TIME WITH MY ROOMIES! 🙂 The bed arrangement (hopefully) won’t be a problem, as I always get up first, meaning there won’t be any crawling over each other.

I went in blind, as did my other two roommates, and Hope couldn’t have paired us any better. We do almost everything together, including meals, outings, and studying. The best part about all of our beds being together is the prospective MOVIE PARTIES. Because our room is one of the biggest in the cluster, we always invite the other girls over to watch weekend movies! Now we can fit at least 12 people on our “big bed” for movie night!


We’ll see how long our new arrangement lasts, but I think it’s going to be a keeper!

Have a great weekend!


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