Can I get a YEE-HAW?

Howdy Ya’ll!

Hope’s homecoming weekend kicked off the right way this Friday night with a Hoedown! The hoedown consisted of hayrides, farm animals, swing dancing, hot apple cider, snacks, and a bonfire. This is my favorite Hope event of the year, and it is the perfect fall event! My personal favorite part of the night consisted of learning new swing dances. I am not the most coordinated person, so dancing is not my forte. However, I enjoyed watching everyone at Hope College dance. We did a group circle dance where people changed partners every 30 seconds. It was so funny watching everyone dance and trying to stay in sync with one another.

Another fun part about the hoedown was crawling through a hay maze in complete darkness, but it took me awhile to find my way out. Once I finished the hay maze I petted some goats, horses, cows, and even held a baby rabbit. After hanging out with the animals, I went on the hayride with a group of friends. We finished off the night with some final dancing.

Once I arrived back at Hope, my roommate and I had a great conversation and stayed up talking for a while. I really enjoy our late night talks, I am so thankful for our friendship. 

My friend grace with her new goat friend!

Amy and Grace with a horse

Some friends just dancing crazy

Have a fun week!

Published by Colleen Quick

My name is Colleen and I'm from Springfield, IL and am a Senior this year! I am studying International Business and Spanish. I have been involved with a variety of groups and activities on campus such as: Business Club, Student Alumni Leadership Council, Volunteer Services Committee, Student Congress, Mortar Board, Intramurals, HEI, Dance Marathon, and other activities. I love Hope College and the people here! So blessed to be living in Holland and attending Hope :]

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