Fall Fever!

Hi everyone! We got FIVE DAYS off, from Friday through Tuesday. Fall Break was a great time to relax and get ready for the next month of midterms and exams. I was able to go back home to Traverse City and enjoy the 70-80 degree days (no that’s not normal in Michigan).

On the farm the apples have peaked and are more delicious than ever! 

Betsie Valley Bike Trail  all afternoon. We rode from Beulah to Frankfort, MI which is around 8 miles. The trail follows the water so it’s BEAUTIFUL. On the way back, I even stopped to go swimming! 🙂  Look how beautiful the trees are and how cute my mom is! 

Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes  but got easily distracted when we saw a sign for the Point Betsie Lighthouse. So of course, we took a pit stop and climbed up into the lighthouse to see what it was all about. It was gorgeous! The beach was so packed with people and there were wind-surfers all over the place enjoying the swells. Here’s us at the top of the lighthouse:

From all the activity we were pretty worn out. But after church Sunday morning, we decided it was time to harvest the vines and make some grape products! My Grandma, who lives in the Upper Peninsula, also decided to take a day trip and come and visit us! We picked two huge bins of grapes and made some delicious grape jelly and grape juice. 

Omelette Shoppe in Traverse City. It was great to catch up with her. 

Overall, it was a great vacation, but I missed Hope! I was so happy to get back to my roommates and clustermates to share all that we did over the extended weekend. 

Things sure are poppin’ here at Hope. Nykerk is in full swing and midterms are coming up next week. 

This upcoming weekend is also Homecoming, complete with a hoedown, ball, 5k run, tailgating and games galore.

Oh and tomorrow’s Friday, so it’s VISIT DAY!

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