University of Chile: Faculdad de Economia y Negocios

I have been talking only about Chile, Santiago, and all the culture related topics, but I have never mentioned the school or any of my classes or school. Last Tuesday, I have officially ended my semester in University of Chile in Faculdad de Economia y Negocios.

University of Chile in Spanish Universidad de Chile was on November 19, 1842. It is the largest university in Chile. It has 29,207 undergraduates students, 9,731 postgraduate students, and employs 3,386 professors in five different campuses across Chile. It has 18 different branches called “Faculty” or Institutes. For example Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Sciences or Institute of Communications and Image. On of the most noble alumni are Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral or twenty Chilean presidents.

H building at FEN.
H building at FEN.

I study in Facultad de Economía y Negocios (FEN), because I take only business class in the University. FEN is ranked in top five business schools in Latin America and their graduate program is highly competitive. For the undergraduate school they have special program for international students, where I and other 150 international students study. Some of my classmates come from countries like Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Great Britain, Scotland, Spain, Russia, France, United States, Portugal, Poland, Chile, and Czech Republic.

We take classes in English, but the students who feel confident are free to take business classes in Spanish. It is up to their judgment. We had a choice between circa 30 different business classes. I am taking International Business, International Marketing, and Intercultural business problem of Latin America. My fourth class is Intensive Spanish for business students, but I am taking through CIEE, the organization I have traveled out. Students have also options to take some extracurricular classes like ballet, powerlifting, basketball, or weightlifting.

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