International Business Class

The first class that I signed up for was International Business. I had this class on Tuesday and Thursday from 11:20 to 12:50 and we had “lab” on Wednesday from 9:40 to 11:20. The “lab” is very different than Biological or Chemistry lab. Usually, we had few speakers and the Teacher Assistants (TA) were explaining projects and cases. Most of the times the “lab” functioned as a class to go over technical things. Our Tuesdays and Thursdays we had our regular class, which included:

  1. 8 business cases (6 pages long, single-spaced in groups of 6)
  2. Executive interview
  3. Chilean commercial project
  4. 2 tests

Normally, the professor was presenting the theory during Tuesday’s class and then we had a business case due by Wednesday 9:40 p.m., where we had to use the theory. During the Thursday’s class we had a class discussion about the case and correct solutions.

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