Public Transporation Musicians and Performers in Santiago

Similarly to the salesmen, the bus performers are on almost every bus ride, but they are much less annoying than the salesmen. There is whole range of the bus performers, from singers, poets, speakers or just something they would make bloopers on America’s Got Talent. They usually bring a microphone and a speaker on the bus.

Probably and that by far the best performers were these three people. The first one played Trump and he was really good. He actually had recorded a CD, which he was selling after he stopped playing in the bus. He brought a speaker and played only the melody, which he was following on Trump. He played a Titanic song from Celine Dion.

The other two people were playing together on guitar. They were some young men in their early 20s and they were really good. They played only Beatles and those two could not only play it on guitar but sing it as well.

Also, I saw perform a lot of Latino singers ranging from classical music to rap. The onces who were singing typical Latino songs were not bad, but the rappers were not so good. But in either way they make your day better.

Lastly, there was one older lady, which was actually very hilarious. You could tell that she was very happy and satisfied with herself and she could not sing. I mean, rats were hanging themselves from that, but she was great for one reason. She knew she could not sing. She just loved to sing and actually with that altitude she make more money than some rapper who came felling hot about himself. I thought that was really great and funny both times.

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