Chilean Transition to Real Life

If anything in Chile is completely different compare to United States or Europe, then it is how young people get or “try” to get independent from their parents. In Chile it is normal or even I would say it is a standard that the children lives with their parents until one is 28, 29 or 30 years old. We, students from United States and Europe, were pretty shocked when we heard that.

Actually, people in Chile are not embarrassed for that, but to the contrary. One of the staff members that works for CIEE Center of Santiago, happily said that she lived with her parents until she was 30 years old. In Chile, people look at it this way.

Why should they move out? It is their home. They have safe and supportive environment. Mom does the cooking and laundry. They have a comfort at home that they will never have in the future. They can hang out with their friends and have great much stress less relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend since they do not have to take care of themselves.

Young people do not have want of being independent after college or living their lives on their own and financially independently. They like the comfort and benefits of living with their parents and the parents do not mind. It is part of their culture.

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