Fall Semester 2016: Santiago, Chile

This fall semester of 2016, I picked to study abroad in Santiago, Chile, and so far it has been an unforgettable experience. Over the period of weeks that I am have been in Santiago, I have experienced a lot of positive, fun, and negative things, which are part of the living in a country with completely different culture, values, and mentality. Chile has been an amazing and highly valuable experience with full of ups and downs.

Talking about the downs, it is part of experience, going out of the comfort zone, and eventually personal growth. I will be talking about DHL, earthquake or stolen phone, which were unpleasant experiences and I want to make clear that study abroad has been a fantastic and life changing experience. I do not want to make it sound as complaining or negatively talking about study abroad, Chile, South America or Santiago because these things can happen anywhere. On the contrary, I would strongly recommend study abroad and visit Chile to anyone! 

The view of Santiago with the mountains in the background.
The view of Santiago with the mountains in the background.
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