Playing Favorites: Downtown Holland

Holland is a small town with a lot of cool things. From windmills and wooden shoes to independent restaurants and small businesses, anyone can find something they enjoy. I’m going to play favorites and pick a few of the things Holland has to offer that I enjoy.


Holland has a lot of parks, 22 to be exact. Plus, Windmill Island is in walking distance and the beach is just a short drive away. Plenty of beautiful spots to get some fresh air and soak up the sunshine while it’s still here are just a few minutes away.

Hops at 84 East

Located right downtown on 8th Street, Hops is my favorite place to go for pizza. They have gluten free and vegan pizza options which is perfect if you or someone you love going out to eat with has allergies. Plus, this local business gives back to the community. For every community pizza that’s ordered they give a dollar to a local charity. Eating pizza for a good cause? The perfect win win situation


This is my dog, Teddy, AKA the reason I need to see dogs around Holland cause I miss him.
This is my dog, Teddy, AKA the reason I need to see dogs around Holland cause I miss him.

You can’t walk downtown without seeing at least one dog. As a huge dog person, this is the best way for me to get my dog fixed compared to the alternative of getting on the Harbor Humane Society’s website and imagining the day I can adopt one of the cuties on there.

*Fun Fact: Nine times out of ten, Decadent Dogs will have at least one furry friend in the store working with their owner which is another great option for some canine love.


Not that the sidewalks themselves are super special (although the snowmelt system beneath them downtown is pretty neat), but the I love fact that I can walk out my door and be downtown or at a park in a matter of minutes. Coming from a suburb where I had to drive to get anywhere, Holland’s walkability is definitely a favorite feature.

Farmer’s Market

yellow flower
The farmer’s market and a pretty flower from said market. Great place for a study break.

Every Wednesday and Saturday fresh produce, bread, pumpkins, flowers, plants, etc., can be found at the market. Plus, people bring their dogs. It doesn’t get much better than good food, cute dogs, and pretty flowers all in one spot.

Just a few of my favorite things in this lovely little town called Holland.

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