Winter at the North Pole.

Many people speak about the Michigan’s winter as a long winter. I looked up the winter in the North Pole, and besides some amazing pictures, I found out the Michigan’s winter is not as bad.

The winter in the North Pole has 9 months of winter as 3 months of summer. “In both summer and winter, a mass of very dense cold air hovers over the Arctic.”

It is cold and dry winter. North Pole could be called an icy desert. The skies are usually very clear during the winter, but that is only because the humidity is very low. Low humidity equals dry winter. And it can North Pole can be called ice desert “because the sea is frozen, water cannot evaporate, so rainfall is as low as in the Earth’s deserts.”

Another photo of the North Pole´s night.
Another photo of the North Pole´s night.

Surprisingly, there are some places on Earth like Siberia, which are colder during Winter than the North Pole. The North Pole’s temperature in winter is about -40°C (-40°F), but in Siberia can be as low as -67°C. ( -88.6°F).

The "icy desert" at The North Pole.
The “icy desert” at The North Pole.

The Michigan’s winter does not sound that bad anymore.

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