Being Creative. I heard this many times from my teacher, professor, coach, parents, and friends. The study that I have read last year found out that people who have messier desks tend to be more creative than people who have highly organized desks. If you are interested in this study here is the reference.

Last year I was reading The New York Times and there was a completely two blank pages.

Two blanks pages at The New York Times as a commercial.
Two blanks pages at The New York Times as a commercial.

It is a commercial and in the bottom it says,

This is from the New York Times website of how much ads cost.

Self-Service campaign costs range from a low daily minimum of $50 for a minimum of 5 days, to a maximum of $10,000, and there are absolutely no additional fees for ad customization. How much you spend is completely up to you. You set your budget and we tell you how many times your ad will appear on

It seems like some people think completely differently. Probably, everyone would put as much information about their advertising product on those two pages because it is super expensive to buy two pages in New York Times.

Here is another example, please watch this following video.

For those who do not follow hockey that much, Kuznetsov (white jersey, number 92) is expected by everyone to go behind the net and continue most likely to the other side corner. Then pass the puck to the defense on the blue line, someone on the top of the circles, hold the puck or he is expected to stop behind the net or wait for the options to open up for a pass. But he instead goes behind the net and just throw the puck behind him for white 65, and he scores.

Based on this article and this article, these two paintings are one of the most creative paintings.

Red Square by Kasimir Malevich, 1915
Red Square by Kasimir Malevich, 1915
Airplane Flying by Kasimir Malevich,1915
Airplane Flying by Kasimir Malevich,1915

So what is your definition of creativity?

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