What to Expect From a Hope College Visit

Are you about to visit Hope College or do overnight stay? If yes, then this is what you should expect:

Beautiful Campus

There are couple things that Hope College really segregates from other colleges and campus is one of them. The campus at Hope College offers great possibilities for students. For example, this fall the new music hall named Jack H. Miller, which became the center for musical arts, was finished. Or the Art Museum called Kruizenga Art Museum is brand new. These two buildings are the newest ones, but places like DeVos Fieldhouse (Basketball/Volleyball), Martha Miller Center (International Center), Van Wylen Library or the Science Center are buildings, which are also very new buildings. Besides that, the dormitory rooms are clean, not damage, and basically everything on campus is a walking distance.

Kruizenga Art Museum
Kruizenga Art Museum

Friendly and welcoming people

The students, staff, professors or maintenance are truly friendly and welcoming. It is not part of the game or a “theater” to make a great impression on you. People at Hope behave like that everyday.

Jack H. Miller Center for Musical Arts.
Jack H. Miller Center for Musical Arts.

Very approachable professors

If you see a professor that you share an interest with then do not hesitate to speak with him/her. Of course, speak with him/her as one is professor not a friend or family relative, but go definitely talk with them about your major, where you come from, where do you go to school, what is are you planning to do after Hope or what are major requirements.

An excellent location

Lastly, the location of the campus itself is brilliant. The campus is one block away from the downtown of Holland, where is basically everything that students need for their life at Hope. It is 40 minutes from Grand Rapids airport and roughly 2.5 hours from Chicago and Detroit. Also, the train station, is about 5 minutes walk from campus, which is highly convenient.

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