What Are Good and Bad Questions to Ask During the Campus College Visit?

People say that there are no bad questions – which can be true in the classroom – but during a college visit it is not exactly like truth. Let me give you an example. Below is a easy accessible screenshot of the Hope College profile.

Profile of Hope College
Profile of Hope College (source: collegedata.com)
  • How many students are attending Hope College?
  • What is the women/men ratio?
  • What is the cost of attendance?

These are good examples of bad questions because they refer to information which is already very accessible. It shows that the student has not done that much research about Hope College, which also illustrates the level of interest.

On the other hand, here is an example of a good questions:

  • What makes Hope College better than other liberal arts colleges?
  • What opportunities are there for at Hope College for summer research?
  • Does Hope College have a strong alumni network?

It is not about doing hours of research about the college. If one spends about one hour of searching for the basic school information, then the student should have a good idea about the college. Also, I would not give that much credit to reviews of colleges because everyone is different and students visit & attend colleges for different interests and purposes.

Lastly, avoid questions about things which are on the official website or another college profile website. Come with questions which will make the tour guide or college representative think.

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