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I think everyone knows a person who is very competitive. Luckily for me, I roomed with one person the second semester of my first year, who is extremely competitive. It is very unfortunate because I am highly competitive and we both hate to lose. It was on Tuesday during the Spring Break, when I, my roommate and another two friends from Hope College went to visit St. Augustine, Florida. The other two friends are big golfers, so they went to golf. Since, they were playing at 18 holes course, I and my roommate had about 5 hours to do anything we wanted. Firstly, we went to the beach, which was beautiful, but it was really cold.

Beach at St. Augustine.
Beach at St. Augustine.

So, after 20 minutes at the beach we had to leave because it was really cold. We did not want tour the downtown because the other friends who went with us, they wanted to see it as well, so we said we are going to look at the downtown after they are done golfing. To make it short, we ended up in the Adventure Landing, which is really small amusement park with mini-golf, laser tag, and mainly go-karts.

We got 3 hours of unlimited go-karting and the competition began. I was mainly beating him in the first half of the three hours, but he was beating me in the second half of the three hours, which leads me to the informative part of this blog.

If one is an incoming freshmen, Hope College does the work for one and selects the roommate and the hall for him or her. But for the sophomore year, the students are able to pick their roommates and halls.

Also in Hope College, students are able to have two types of housing: on and off campus. Everyone starts out on campus because there required certain amount of credits in order to room off campus.

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