Red, Read.

Red hair review, read book review. There’s not much more “red/read” around here than this.

1. Goldilocks turned to Little Red Riding Hood. Over the weekend, I went home (all the way to Iowa) and while I was visiting my family, I decided to dye my hair red. See ya later, blonde hair. Hello, red.

2. Eyes Wide Open + Hacker. Two books you HAVE to read. They’re so good. Ted Dekker is an author who writes books that are Stephen King-like– mysterious and unpredictable– but if the reader searches deep beneath the surface, one can see the Biblical parables hidden within the pages.

Eyes Wide Open is the story of two teens, Christy and Austin, who find themselves caught in a case of mistaken identity. Confined in a mental hospital, they must navigate the truth of who they are embedded in the lies the doctors tell them in order to succeed in their escape. Will they fall victim to the delusion, or will they triumph in the truth?

Hacker is the story of Nyah, a teenage genius, who can hack into any database and crack through firewalls within minutes. But when one hack goes entirely wrong and the corporation she hacked begins to chase after her, she is entitled to a giant risk: the requirement to complete one last hack that will either kill her or save her. Can she go beneath the surface and believe that there is more to every situation, more than meets the eye?

Red Hair, Read Books.
Here I am, red hair and all, peeking from behind two of my favorite books by author Ted Dekker.


Is that enough “read” for one day? If not, check out my Twitter page @hopesophie17. Questions, comments, more ideas on good books to read? Comment below or email me at Have a great week!


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