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Nykerk, as put by the 2015 general chair, Claire Leitzen (AKA the “Queen of Nykerk”), is hard to describe. It is a really unique tradition that you kind of have to experience in order to understand. Last night I had the privilege of watching Nykerk for the third year in a row, and as always, it was so fun to watch. I love getting to experience things into which people have poured their heart and soul through all their hard work. Like seriously, I cry when I watch Cupcake Wars because the contestants work so hard to make good cupcakes. ANYWAY. So many people love Nykerk and have put more time and energy than they would care to add up into this one night of friendly competition, and I love getting to watch it all come together.

Nykerk is an annual competition between Hope’s freshman and sophomore women, consisting of song, play, and oration. The women are moraled throughout the weeks of rehearsal by men in their graduating class who perform skits for them and leave them notes and small gifts. Each year has their own traditions, so Nykerk seems to be a pretty cool community between the participants and the alumni.

Friends at Nykerk
My friend Molly played a squirrel in the freshman play last night. Odd Year play is known for their bold stage makeup and huge movements.

This year, the freshman class (“Odd Year,” because they graduate in 2019) was victorious, but every act from both classes was super incredible to watch. Everyone did a great job. There was not one act that I did not enjoy watching. I love watching Nykerk because the women involved in song, play, and oration all seem to form really cool communities, and it’s sweet to see how the men encourage them. The song girls even have a “secret sister” on the other team, and I love that, even though Nykerk is a competition, there is a sense of friendship between the classes.

Nykerk is one of Hope’s most well-loved traditions, and it was great to see another performance last night! It is so different each year, but it always feels familiar. It is so fun to watch, and so many people I know who have taken part in it have had incredible experiences!

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Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”

– Matthew 11:28


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