I love that Hope provides flexible student employment opportunities for its students.  Most of my friends and I have student jobs, which vary from tour guiding or overnight hosting to being a TA.  Personally, I’ve worked in Campus Print and Mail for a little over a semester.  From this experience, I would say that an on campus job can be both manageable and beneficial for students at Hope.

There are local businesses that hire students, such as coffee shops or stores downtown, but my first choice of a job would always be student employment.  Hope College employers are flexible and understanding.  Student workers are held to a high standard and depended upon, but employers understand and emphasize the importance of our academics as well.  My bosses in the mailroom (and my friends’ bosses from other on campus jobs) allow me to prioritize school and my health while keeping a position on staff.  For example, a few weeks ago, I needed to make up an exam during a scheduled shift.  My boss was very flexible with this, letting me go take the exam and then come into work after with no problem.  We are also encouraged to communicate when we are sick, which teaches students to both advocate and take care of themselves.  This culture allows me to have a job without hindering my academics or my health, something I’m deeply grateful for.

Something is always happening in the mailroom, whether I’m grabbing a package for a friend or loading the Amazon lockers in the hallway.  On campus jobs offer an engaging task to focus on that provide a break from academics while allowing time to be spent productively.  This lets me and other student workers pursue a better life balance at school.

On campus jobs give students another way to engage in community as well.  I work with a different person every shift, allowing me to meet people from all different years and academic disciplines.  I also never know who will come and pick up mail.  It’s fun and exciting to run into my favorite professors, friends, or classmates. Regardless of the specific job, on campus positions tend to yield community. It’s very typical to make good friends through a position, or to apply for the job alongside a friend. This isn’t necessary by any means, but working with friends is a lot of fun. My best friend works in the mail room as well, and it is always such a joy to work the same shift.

Mal (my best friend) and I work together in the mailroom!

Overall, I would recommend that students really consider on campus job opportunities at Hope.  Jobs provide a new facet of community and connection, along with a productive way to spend time outside of school work.  They also make space for students to balance academics and health, while making a little extra money. 

Published by Audrey Wells

Class of 2026 Hometown: Portage, MI Majors: Communications & Spanish Minor: Social Witness Ministry & Global Health

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