My Top 5 Apps for College Students

While it is definitely not a necessity, having a smartphone at college can definitely come in handy! In some regards they can be huge distractions, but there are apps out there that are super beneficial for being productive in school. Here are my top 5!

Oh, and the best part: They’re all free!

Google Drive

I don’t have Microsoft Office on my laptop, so I use my Google Drive for pretty much everything I do. For some odd reason, it took me a really long time to figure out that an app exists for it, but once I did, I never went back! I can use Google Drive on my phone to look over my notes on a reading I did before a test, to email a professor an assignment that I forgot to print out, to check out my four-year plan on the fly, to type assignments when I’m traveling somewhere, and more! You name it, Google Drive does it. It’s been so handy in so many different situations!

StudyBlue is a website that you can use to make flashcards on your computer. Not surprisingly, you can also make these flashcards on your phone or tablet, and then access the finished flashcards and quiz yourself! This has been super useful before German vocabulary quizzes. I make the flashcards on my computer the night before and then, before class starts, I flip through them on my phone really quickly. Definitely a useful tool!


I know, I know. Pinterest is a HUGE distraction. But it can also be so useful for school! I have a board that I use specifically for things related to my dorm room, study tips, scholarship information, organization ideas, and more! This is definitely not something to take advantage of in class, but it can be really useful when you have a little downtime!


If you like to shop, this is an absolute MUST. It has coupon codes for in-store and online purchases, and any money that you can save as a college student is super awesome! I almost never buy things (especially online) unless I can get a coupon for them on RetailMeNot.

Target Cartwheel

Same deal as RetailMeNot, but specifically for Target. They have a ton of awesome deals and it tracks how much you’ve saved with the app, so that’s pretty cool too! I love Cartwheel, and you can stack deals from it on top of other coupons from the regular Target app. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

Honorable Mention: Mail

This obviously comes pre-installed on smartphones, but I didn’t use it that much before I came to college. Now I check my email all the time in case a class gets cancelled, a homework assignment gets changed, or whatever! I use my Mail app all the time!

What apps do you use the most in college? Leave a comment, tweet @hopekathryn17, or email me at! Thanks for reading!

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Psalm 3:3

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