Hope in Spring

*beepbeep* *beepbeep*…

Emerging from dreamland you reach out to shut off your alarm. The room is already flooded with the promising, warm rays of sunshine hinting at a beautiful day ahead.

Walking to class is no longer a battle with the bitter cold but a welcome stroll with old friends – sunshine and blue skies have returned. The new battle is finding the mental strength to focus in class while the Pine Grove fills with happy students in soaring spirits basking in the presence of the sun they have  been deprived of for too long. Long boards are once again rolling through campus, clicking along the sidewalk alerting pedestrians to hang to one side as they roll on by.

As classes end for the day the lawn can be seen covered with people on blankets, homework spread out before them, and friends by their sides. Groups cluster around intense games of spike ball, taunting each other and laughing freely. Hammocks are strung between trees, one, two, sometimes three levels high. Friends chat as they relax and leave all the cares of the day on the ground below them for a little while.

Darkness falls around 8:30 at night as the sun is hanging out longer. Even then, sitting in your room, you can hear the *ding* of frisbees hitting the pole by DeWitt ringing through the open window time and again as Frolf games carry on despite the darkness.

As new life is springing from the ground and flowers are blooming, splashing their bright colors onto the landscape, a revitalized energy is rising on campus and a joyful spirit is recoloring this beautiful community after a long winter – spring has come to Hope College.

Thanks for reading & enjoy the lovely weather this weekend!

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Published by Erin Hoolahan

Hi! My name is Erin Hoolahan and I am a Sophomore at Hope College. I am from Wexford, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Pittsburgh) and intend to double major in Classics and either English or Communications during my time here at Hope. I love to bake, play guitar and am involved in Ultimate Frisbee and Silent Praise. I am extremely excited about sharing my insights on life at Hope! Thanks for reading. :)

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