Anatomy of a Snow Day

Snow days at Hope are very rare. Most students live on our (relatively small) campus, so most of the time we can usually get to and from class in a matter of a few minutes and we don’t have to account for all that many people driving to school or walking very far at all, which is a big difference from high school for most people. We got two snow days last year due to essentially impossible travel conditions for the very beginning of the semester, but yesterday was the first snow day in my college career when most of the student body was actually on campus.

I was actually only supposed to have one class yesterday, so a snow day wasn’t a huge deal for me, but for those who were getting up for an 8 AM and beyond, I’m sure it was super exciting! The thing with college snow days is that sometimes professors really don’t like them. In fact, sometimes professors email you everything they were going to do in class that day so you can prepare to stay on the planned schedule for the next class meeting. That totally makes sense, but it’s definitely a little bit of a bummer as well. Luckily, since it’s Friday, we still have a whole weekend to prepare if professors sent us work yesterday.

I basically spent the whole snow day relaxing. I spent the morning watching Parks and Rec on Netflix, reading, and eating breakfast and enjoying coffee in my room. After lunch at Phelps, I got organized for some homework (that I didn’t end up doing… whoops!), practiced some art stuff that I’ve been working on, and wrote a song, which always gets me super excited. I worked on that a lot for the rest of the day and I hit dinner at Phelps as well. My residents watched movies together and played games together all day. Snow days are an awesome opportunity just to unwind with your friends. It’s easier to spend time with people than it was in high school because you’re all together in the first place, rather than having to drive across town to your friend’s house when the roads are terrible.

Enjoying the snow!

Last night, I went to see Upright Citizens Brigade, an improv group that Amy Poehler from Parks and Rec started. SAC (Hope’s Student Activities Committee) has brought them in for the past few years and it’s such a great event! They are always so fun to watch!

The Hope/Calvin rivalry men’s basketball game is today as well. I wasn’t able to get a ticket, so I’ll be streaming it online or watching it on TV, but I’m super excited to see it! Go Dutch!

(P.S.: I got to sing the National Anthem for the women’s basketball game on Wednesday! Such a cool privilege!)

Basketball Anthem
I love singing for Hope games, especially now that I finally have my voice back!

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For the word of the Lord holds true,
    and we can trust everything he does.

– Psalm 33:4

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