12 Things to Do Now that Snow Has Covered the Campus

12 Things to Do Now that Snow Has Covered the Campus

1). Snow Ball Fight

elf animated GIF

2). Snow Slurpee’s

INGREDIENTS: Snow + Pop/Soda = Snow Slurpee

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Avoid the Yellow Snow…

3). Go to “The Bowl” and Sled

Get a group of friends and head a huge dune in Holland called the Bowl. Sled, ski, snowboard…you can do it all.

Bowl sledding
This is picture from my freshman year when a group and my friends went to the Bowl and went sledding!

4).  Snow Angel

Simple. Step one: Go outside. Step two: Lay in the snow. Step Three: Wave your arms and legs. Step four: BOOM, snow angel.

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5). Do you want to build a Snowman?

Show Campus what you can create via snow.

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6). Another excuse for a Coffee Date?

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*Wink Wink*

7). Movies

Snuggle Up and Watch a Movie. And guess what? SAC (Student Activities Committee) brings in popular new movie for students to watch. This week “Guardians of the Galaxy” is showing.

thumbs up animated GIF
Brittaney agrees.

8). Beach

Last year the beach froze so that you could walk on it and stand on the frozen waves. It was a sight.

Frozen Lake
Here I am standing on a frozen wave on Lake Michigan.

9). Ice Skating

Head to Grand Rapids to skate at Rosa Parks or the local Skating Rink in Holland!

My friend I trying out for the Nationals…or maybe just skating.

10). Pranks

The best pranks are done with snowballs. Throwing a snowball at someone’s window and watching them jump. 🙂

snow animated GIF

11). Admire the beauty.

Though it may be cold, you got to admit, it is beautiful.

snow animated GIF

12.Stay Inside and wait for it to be done.

For those snow haters…this is for you.

deer animated GIF
We’re in Michigan. Don’t hold your breath…

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