It’s begining to look a lot like Christmas!

Wow! Can you believe there are only 17 days left until Christmas???

I definitely cannot. People are really getting into the holiday spirit around here. Down town Holland looks so pretty right now with all of the lights lighting up the streets, and the snow here is gorgeous. I knew there would be snow in Holland, but I didn’t know people meant more than a couple of inches. It has been snowing almost every day lately. It is a good thing I like the snow. =]

Today in my first year seminar class, my professor gave us each a couple of books as a Christmas gift. She picked them out based on what she thought we might enjoy. First year seminar class is required for all freshman. I really have enjoyed mine. I have been able to meet a lot of friends because of that class. My professor really knows me and takes a genuine interest in each of her students.  Today, she threw a little holiday party for us. I am so grateful I had her as a professor, and I am excited to read the books she bought for me. I plan on reading them after finals once life begins to slow down a little bit more. Everyone is getting anxious for break, but I am enjoying my last week before I go home.

Have a great week!



 Hope’s Beautiful Winter Campus!

Winterful – Weekend

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying the Christmas season. Life is good here. The past week flew by so fast. This past weekend, I went to Grand Rapids with a group of friends. We ate out at a Mongolian Barbeque restaurant. The food was so awesome. After, we walked around Grand Rapids and admired the pretty lights. We also hung out at a coffee shop for a while.

We took a picture by the huge tree in the downtown.

On Saturday, I accomplished quite a bit of homework and chilled with my friends. We went to a dance on campus. It was a neon dance, and people were decked head to toe in crazy bright neon clothes. The dance was a lot of fun and everyone was having a good time. 

Here is my friend Sarah and I before the dance.

On Sunday, I went to church and then did some homework with friends at JP’s coffee shop downtown Holland. Later on that evening, people from our dorm decorated the lobby for Christmas, and it was so much fun. We played Christmas music and had a good time together setting up all the decorations. I really like my dorm. It has a “homey” feel to it. Also on Sunday night, there was a campus wide snowball fight in the pine grove. It was totally epic. People were running around the pine grove having a blast and throwing snowballs. I am glad I participated in the snowball fight. It was a great end to an awesome weekend. 

Until Next Time,


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Hey there!

Happy December 1st! Holland had its first snowfall of the year today. The snow is absolutely gorgeous and the campus looks even prettier. I was so excited when I woke up this morning and saw snow. I bundled up with my boots, mittens, scarf, and winter coat. Winter is here. Here are some of my favorite things about the Christmas season:

  • Christmas lights
  • Christmas music
  • Snow
  • Hot chocolate
  • Warming up by the fireplace
  • Making snow angels
  • Red and green together
  • Candy canes
  • Peppermint flavored lattes at Starbucks

The past two nights I have had Student Congress meetings, and on Monday we set up the Christmas tree in Martha Miller. It was so much fun. Our Scott Hall representative, from Korea, had never set up a Christmas tree before so it was cool to see his reaction. I really like the diversity Hope has on Student Congress.

Well the first week back has been good so far. We decorated our room to prepare us for the Christmas season, and I must say I think it looks awesome!

Have a great week and enjoy the Christmas spirit!

Hsiang in front of his first Christmas tree


Happy Monday Everyone!

This past Saturday at Hope, the student activities committee (SAC) hosted a charter bus trip to Chicago. SAC puts on different fun activities throughout the year and this is one of them. The trip was a lot of fun and 3 charter busses from Hope came and helped populate the Chicago streets even more. The lights festival was taking place on the magnificent mile and there were wall-to-wall people during the festival. We could not even walk down the streets because there were so many people.

Even though the stores were crowded, we still had a lot of fun. Once we got off the bus we ate at Buca de Beppo, which is an awesome Italian restaurant. We had some great food! Then we ventured through Michigan Avenue and hit up different stores. While we were in Chicago, I was able to see one of my friends from high school who attends college in Chicago. I was so glad I got to spend some time with her. We did get to see a tiny glimpse of the light festival, but because there were so many people, it was hard to get a good look. After we finally made it through all the people, we had a good dinner together and left Chicago about 8 p.m. I had such a great time, and I hope to go on the trip next year.

Here we are on the bridge

Lunch at Bucca de Beppo

Dinner at the President’s House

Hello Everyone,

I hope your week is going well. I do not know where the time is going. I have been very busy these past couple of days and would just like to inform you of what has been going on. Tuesday evening Student Congress was invited to have dinner at President Bultman’s house. We all dressed up for the occasion and the President and his wife had a delicious meal planned for us.

This was our menu for the evening….

  • Apricot Salad
  • Rolls
  • Glazed Chicken
  • Potatoes
  • Green Beans
  • Apple Pie

We had servers serve our food to us. I felt like I was at a restaurant. We were able to spend time to talk and get to know the Bultmans better. After dinner, they allowed us to explore their home and look around. The house was so incredibly cool. The house had a lot of character to it and definitely contained a lot of Hope spirit. They were so hospitable to us. They greeted us each individually and asked a little about ourselves. I cannot believe how nice of people they are. I never would have imagined that I would be able to meet the President of Hope College, yet alone in my first semester of college. It was a great evening and I am thankful I was able to participate in such a fun night.

Have a great week!

Pictures from dinner

Busy November Days

Hey Everyone!

I hope your week is going well. The pace is really starting to pick up here at Hope with Thanksgiving break just around the corner. These past couple of days have been a blur. The temperature has also dropped some but not enough to keep me from running outside. Yesterday when I went running I discovered some new trails I had never been on before and there was some really pretty scenery. It was nice to be out in nature and admire God’s beautiful creation.

As a perspective student, you all have a lot on your plate also. There are not a lot of weeks before Christmas and making a decision as to where to go to school will sneak up on you quickly. I remember last year at this time I was freaking out about my college decision. However, do not let deciding on a college overwhelm you. Yes, it is a big decision, but do not panic if you do not know where you want to go yet. I did not make my final decision to go to Hope until May 1st.  I am very happy I chose to come to Hope. I think the best part of the college is the people who are here. Also, I love Holland, and it is a great college town. I enjoy being able to walk to a local coffee shop right after class. Not to mention, I love the lake!

Here are some pictures from my run in Holland…

Have a great day!

Great Global Health Missions Conference in Kentucky!


This past weekend I was in Louisville, Kentucky along with 40 other Hope students. We attended the Global Health Missions Conference. The conference was absolutely amazing! We were able to hear a variety of speakers and learn about their different experiences serving in different places all around the world. It was also a great opportunity to get to know other people from Hope who share common interests as me. We left early Thursday morning for Kentucky and attended the conference until Saturday afternoon. We stayed at family’s house that attends the church where the conference was located. The conference took place at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, and is the 8th largest church in America! It was great to be able to experience seeing a church that big. The conference was so good, and I really learned a lot through listening to the different speakers. The family who we stayed with was so kind and welcoming. They allowed all 40 of us to stay in their very nice large house. Each evening when we came back from the conference they had food waiting for us. They definitely displayed some great southern hospitality.

I definitely want to attend the conference again next year. I am really grateful that Hope offers this opportunity for students.

Have a great week!

Welcome Banner!

Lunch Break

Fun & Fabulous Family Weekend

Hey there everyone!

Last weekend was not only Nykerk but, but it was also family weekend. My parents drove up for the weekend and I really enjoyed spending time with them. My parents really like Holland. They are so glad that I decided to come to Hope. On Saturday morning they attended the president’s breakfast and said it was just great. They enjoyed meeting other parents.

Throughout the weekend, my parents and I were able to eat at a couple of local places down town. On Sunday, they had a family church service in the chapel. After chapel, we went out to eat then shopped the day away. 

As a first year student, I am definitely learning to be more appreciative of my parents. It is nice to be in college and be independent, but I still sometimes miss my parents not being with me. However, college is so much fun and keeps me busy, so I don’t have a lot of time to stop and think about missing my family and friends. However, when I do get to see my family and friends; I love it! 

The people here at Hope are so friendly and welcoming it’s like its own family and community. 

Enjoy your week and spend some time with your family =]


My family!

My parents and I

Nykerk Madness

Hey there!

Last weekend was family weekend, but more importantly it was Nykerk. Nykerk was absolutely amazing!!!! It has been my favorite thing about Hope so far. Nykerk is a competition between freshmen and sophomores (even and odd year). And this year even year won! The competition has three parts to it. 1. A song with motions and props 2. A play 3. An oration. Panels of judges judge theses three categories.

This year the class of 2014 had the largest amount of song girls in the history of Nykerek, which is 76 years! A total of 140 girls stood cramped on the bleachers at the Civic Center. The Civic Center was completely packed with people.

Nykerk definitely brings people together and allows for a lot of good comradely. I was in song and absolutely loved my song coaches. They were hilarious and made our two hour practices a lot of fun. Also, in Nykerk, the girls are moraled by their morale boys. It is a great opportunity to get to know other people. The props in the song were also a lot of fun. The even year song was “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” and the odd year song was a melody from the “Wizard of Oz”. Both even and odd year did a great job. I will definitely being doing Nykerk again next year. If you want a fun way to be involved on Hope’s campus then Nykerk is the way to go. I cannot even describe how much fun it was.

1-4 Song Girls!

Civic Center

Happy Happy Halloween Weekend

Hello Everyone!

I hope all of your weeks are going well. I have crazy busy this week. I just want to fill you all in on the great Halloween weekend that occurred. First of all on Friday evening I helped serve a meal for needy people in the Holland community with my roommate’s first year seminar class. It was a lot of fun. We dished out delicious bowls of chili and wore our Halloween costumes. Also on Friday evening’s Nykerk practice everyone wore their Halloween costumes and it was a lot of fun. I also went to a waffle/pancake house on Friday evening and ate some delicious waffles and pancakes made in one of the cottages on campus.

On Saturday evening, I went to a Halloween dance that was in MAAS auditorium, and it was a lot of fun to see everyone dressed up in their crazy costumes. After the dance, my friends and I pretty much just pigged out on candy for the rest of the night. I absolutely love Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays.

On Sunday, I went to church, worked on homework, went on a run, and did some laundry. It wasn’t the most exciting day, but there was nice weather for Halloween and it was a great relaxing day.

I will upload some pictures later on this week from Halloween weekend. I am currently having some technological difficulties.

Enjoy your week!