So, here’s a quick recap of my weird, exciting life that I love. I’m spending this semester living in Chicago and working as the worship arts intern at Community Christian Church Lincoln Park/Old Town. I’m taking a couple classes while I’m here through Chicago Semester and learning a whole bunch of stuff about the real world, all conveniently timed in the months leading up to my college graduation. It’s been a blast so far.

I attended Pillar Church all throughout my time at Hope, and to be honest, the church I am working at really could not be more different from Pillar if it tried (they both have Jesus at the center, though, which is the most important thing). I am loving the experience at Community Christian because it is opening up a new perspective and appreciation for things that are different from what I’m used to. I also work with really awesome people and it has been so fun to get to know them and to learn from them.

I’m also loving exploring the area that I live in. My apartment is in Gold Coast, which lies super close to Old Town, Lincoln Park, and the Magnificent Mile. Yesterday, I had about an hour and a half before I had to be at rehearsal at my church in Lincoln Park/Old Town (affectionately referred to as LPOT), so I spent that time wandering through the neighborhoods surrounding where I live. It was fun and beautiful and I came away with a list of new places I need to go to. I am walking more while living here than I ever have at any point in my life, because there is just SO MUCH to explore. I have hatched so many Pokemon eggs already.

One thing about the city is that it can be so stinkin’ expensive. I work in coffee shops a lot because my internship has a lot of work that can be done remotely, and I realized this morning that Starbucks is the cheapest place I have been. It is alarming when Starbucks prices suddenly start to sound like a deal. However, a cool thing about living in a city instead of a small town is that there is so much competition that a lot of times, places will have crazy great deals (or even free stuff!!) to entice you to use their service instead of someone else’s. A couple days ago, UberEats sent one of the guys in my program a coupon code for $20 off any order, so he sent it to all of us and we all got dinner delivered to our apartment building for FREE. It was awesome.

Overall, I’m loving being able to just wander the streets of Chicago and be amazed by everything I see. I have taken so many pictures already and I am tired of my phone telling me that it is almost out of storage. I know, iPhone, I know.

I’m learning so much during my time here, thinking a lot about a lot of big issues and about who I am as a person, and I am loving getting to know the people and the city around me. 10/10 would recommend the Chicago Semester – I am SO GLAD I am here!

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“I will bless the Lord who guides me; even at night my heart instructs me. I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.”

—Psalm 16:7-8

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I'm a Hope junior from Princeton, Illinois, majoring in Ethics, Culture, and Social Witness with a music minor. I am a follower of Christ and I am involved in Chapel Worship Team at Hope. Previously, I have been involved in Chapel Choir, Black River WyldLife, Res Life, Dance Marathon, a small women's Bible study, College Chorus, Women's Chamber Choir, and Collegium Musicum. I also currently help lead music at Pillar Church! I also love pork chop sandwiches, music of all kinds, The Office, and my wonderful friends and family! Contact me at, @kathrynekrieger on Instagram, or @hopekathryn17 on Twitter!

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