Taking Things My Philosophy Professor Says Out of Context

This is not meant to discredit my philosophy teacher in any way but rather commend his unconventional teaching habits; his weird phrases often stick to my mind and help me remember the material. The post’s purpose is a good laugh so enjoy! Based on a true story. Out of Context: “Take the cow. A nice, beautiful […]

#JustPhelpsScholarsThings: The Detroit Trip Itinerary

Now when I look back at the screenshot I took of the annual Phelps Scholar Program Detroit Trip’s itinerary, this is what I see: 7:40 a.m. – Students sign in for the trip in the Scott Hall Tomb. Pro tip: Make sure to always have a back-up plan for when you somehow manage to sleep through […]

Behind the Scenes on International Food Day

The annual International Food Day will be held on February 25 in Maas Center Auditorium from 6 to 8 p.m. The public is invited. The food will be available in exchange for tickets that will be sold at the door. Entry is $5 which will pay for 5 tickets; extra tickets cost 50 cents. This is what everyone […]

The Syllabus: The Most Important Handout in College

As a freshman, you’ll make yourself a lot of promises like “I’ll sleep early, get up at 5 a.m., and work out at the Dow every day,” or “I’ll eat healthy every single day and never waste money on a pizza delivery,” or better yet “I’ll keep my work area organized and never lose a […]

The Omnipresent Anchor Phenomenon

A semester and a half into Hope and I noticed something very peculiar. It seems that wherever I look now, I see the Anchor, Hope’s emblem and an important piece of Hope’s history. According to Hope’s official website: “Our name and seal are drawn from our founder, the Rev. Albertus C. Van Raalte, who said […]

The Hypnotist Visits Hope

This past Friday, Chris Jones, the Hypnotist who was a contestant on America’s Got Talent, performed for Hope College in the Maas Auditorium. It was absolutely insane and I, along with the rest of the audience, enjoyed every second of it. Although I didn’t get hypnotized (I tried) many others did, suddenly dropping their heads at […]

#JustPhelpsScholarsThings: The Research Project

This is the last post I will be doing for the #JustPhelpsScholarsThings since last Friday (December 4) was the last event: the Phelps Scholars Research Presentations. It is essentially a symposium held in the Maas Auditorium in which students present the research posters they’ve been working on throughout the semester that highlights a current, global issue, […]

A Review of Hope’s Introduction to Poetry Class

The second half of the semester, I started my Introduction to Poetry class, taught by the respectable oddity that is Prof. Greg Rappleye. I love this class so much, and there is a certain aching building in the hollow of my chest knowing that next semester I won’t be able to sit around in a circle of fifteen […]

First Encounter with Snow Vlog!

It’s been an exciting few days for me, especially since it started snowing! I grew up mostly in California and never really had any experience with snow. Of course I see snow in movies and online but other West Coasters may agree that we actually have no idea what this wet fluff is. If we […]

#JustPhelpsScholarsThings: The Indianapolis Trip!

Sorry for bombarding the blog with a bunch of #JustPhelpsScholarsThings posts, but this one I just have to add. The Indianapolis Trip takes the scholars to lunch at Jiallo’s African Caribbean Cuisine and to the highlight of the evening: the Conner Prairie Interactive Historic Park. While the museum has a variety of interesting, interactive exhibits […]