Preparing for Exams…What is it Like?

By: Andie Alsgaard

Everyone approaches Exam Week a little differently in college. It depends on where you like to study, how you like to study and what you’re doing for your final grade. As a STEM major, specifically an engineer, I rarely write papers. Instead, I’m studying for final exams.

Exam Week is a unique time of the year. Everyone wants to be home and the only thing holding them back from being reunited with their family (and pets!) are exams. There are no more lecture classes, no more labs; in fact, the only time you’re in class is to take your final. 

Personally, my days are devoted to studying and reviewing all of the content that I learned over the semester. Additionally, some professors allow for cheat sheets – a way to compile whatever you want on a set amount of paper. I love to make cheat sheets. I spend most of my study time looking through my notes and old test in order to create a master cheat sheet to use on my final. 

This was a cheat sheet that I made for my Freshman Level Introduction to Engineering Lecture Class

In classes where cheat sheets aren’t allowed, I find it best to study with friends! Some of my friends and I all invested in good whiteboards (I would definitely recommend this to anyone of any major coming to college). When exam time comes around, we’re able to rework problems with each other on the whiteboards. This is an essential tool for Exam Week for me.

Studying Sophmore Year for Statics with Friends!

While finals are extremely stressful, Hope does an amazing job incorporating stress-free fun into the crazy week. There are activities such as meditation/deep breathing, yoga, therapy dogs and Brinner throughout the week. Brinner is by far my favorite Exam Week tradition. The Hope Dining staff flips Phelps Dining Hall into breakfast chaos from 9-11pm one night of Exam Week. The salad bar turns into a donut bar, with more donuts than I have ever seen in one place at one time. The Globe has faculty and staff mixing up smoothies. Every other station, composed of professors, the president, and RDs, serving breakfast (pancakes, sausage, eggs, waffles, bacon…etc.) to students. Phelps is so busy there is barely anywhere to stand! I love Brinner and so does the rest of the student body!

Brinner with Drew and Abby who were goofing off as I was trying to take a picture of my very yummy Gluten-Free donut

I would be lying if I said that Exam Week was not stressful and busy. Thankfully Hope acknowledges that and provides so many incredible activities to reduce our stress. Without these stress-relieving activities, we would all go crazy. The atmosphere on campus is stressed but playful and excited that the semester is close to finishing up!

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