It’s that time of year again. The skies are gray, the homework is piling up, and the motivation to do anything but sleep is scarce. We’ve all been there. Unfortunately, the reality of college life is that you still have to get stuff done even when you desperately don’t want to. So, here are a few methods I’ve found that help me get up and get going. 

Go somewhere that isn’t your dorm

If you’re someone who can be productive in your dorm, that’s great! I am not that person. When I’m in my room, I either end up talking to my roommates, on my phone, or taking a nap. Knowing this, one of my number one tips for dealing with low motivation is leaving your dorm and going somewhere else. It doesn’t matter where. You just need to go somewhere else. By getting a change of scenery, you’re actually doing a lot more than you realize. For one thing, you’re getting outside when you might not have otherwise. Even if it’s just a minute, being outside can improve your mood and motivation levels. You’re also getting some walking in, which can also be helpful. I’ve found that even when I would rather do anything besides what’s on my to-do list, I can usually get something done by getting out of my dorm. 

Get together with friends

Friends are great for getting you motivated and keeping you accountable. Whenever I study with a group I find that I have a lot more fun than if I made myself do it alone. If you have a bunch of friends in the same class, it can be helpful to meet and help each other with what you’re struggling on. But even if you’re all in different classes, you can still help each other. Explaining problems you’re having with assignments or papers to each other can be super helpful, even if the person you’re talking to has no knowledge of the subject. If you get side tracked and end up talking about things that are unrelated to school, it’s still good to be with friends. 

Go to the academic success center

There are times when a change of location or studying with friends isn’t enough, and that’s okay! If you find yourself really struggling to keep up with your schoolwork, Hope’s Academic Success Center is here to help. You can make an appointment with an advisor, get tutoring, or find a group study session for one of your classes. Everything is confidential, so nobody has to know you were there besides your advisor, tutor, or study group. But even though nobody has to know, nobody will judge you for needing help. I’ve had an appointment there and so have a bunch of my friends. When life as a student gets tough, the best thing you can do for yourself is ask for help. 

You got this! No slump lasts forever, even though sometimes it feels like it will. Nobody is at their peak all the time, so you’re not alone. There are ways to beat the winter blues and get things done.

Published by Mackenzie Niswonger

Class of 2026 Hometown: Gladstone, MI Majors: Computer Science and Philosophy

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