Technology… To Use or Not To Use

Before getting too far into this post I just need to say one thing about school and a particular piece of technology. And, here it is: when you’re in class, put your phone AWAY! While I believe that technology can be beneficial in the classroom, I know that texting your roommate about dinner plans is not going to help you get a better test grade.

So, now that that’s over, let’s talk about using technology in class. Does it really help? Take a look at the picture below filled with some interesting statistics.

Technology and Class
Technology and Class

After looking through some of the statistics, you’ll notice that technology is heavily relied on by college students. It’s rare that you see a student without their phone, laptop, or tablet. But are students really getting more out of using devices? I thought that I would put together some helpful hints that I have learned regarding technology in class. Here they are:

  1. Lecture Based Classes. If you’re in a class where most of the time is spent listening to the professor I would recommend taking notes on your laptop. However, if the professor provides some type of handout (slides or fill in the blank notes) I’d keep the laptop in my backpack.
  2. Group Project Classes. If you’re in a communication or marketing class, where group projects are 99% of the class, have your tablet/laptop ready to go. You never know when you’ll need to brainstorm, or perform an industry analysis.
  3. Fine Arts Classes. In a class where you’ll be performing a dance or musical piece? Bring your tablet/phone to record your professor (only if they say it’s okay). Being able to look back, and hear your professor’s critique of your lesson could prove to be valuable.
  4. Accounting Classes. I can’t talk about being in class, and not talk about my own major. For all you accounting majors, get used to utilizing technology. Microsoft Excel will be your best friend by your senior year.
Using Excel for homework can be a huge help!
Using Excel for homework can be a huge help!

One final note on using technology in class, if you do decide to use your laptop, make sure you’re actually taking notes, and not checking Facebook, Twitter, or most importantly, checking up on the Hope student bloggers 🙂

Well, that’s all for now! Make sure to come back in a few days when I update y’all on what’s been happening on campus (Hope v. Calvin Volleyball Game, and Apple Picking).

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