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What do you think a leader looks like?

While you ponder that question, let me tell you something about Hope. It is a liberal arts collage, which means it is quite the mix of majors and minors. It offers a slew of pre-professional programs while also holding true to it’s heritage and offering a Dutch major. It is the only school that I know of with the mascot “The Flying Dutchmen” and the only school that has crazy traditions like The Pull and Nykerk. The word I would really use to describe Hope is UNIQUE.

Another thing that makes Hope so unique is one of the minors it offers. The minor is Leadership, and you may be asking: “What could I possibly do with a Leadership minor? What’s the point of tacking it on to my schedule if I’m going to be a ____?” Well let me tell you, there are so many good reasons to do so! For example, I’m in Leadership 201, the first of the classes to fulfill my Leadership minor, and I’ve already learned so much about myself, my peers, and the world around me. The readings assigned give me insight, the assignments are meant to better myself, and the activities done in class keep me thinking outside the classroom. It is truly an eye-opening class.

Although I’ve only been in the class for a week, I’ve already learned a very important detail that life forgets to tell everyone. Do you want to know? It’s this: everyone’s a leader. Everyone! Not just your professor, sports coach, or people in positions of power. Indeed, even YOU have the power to lead your peers. It might not always be by how many words you speak, but the actions you choose to portray. I myself used to think I could never be a leader. I was too quiet, too much of a follower, and too introverted. But I’ve learned through this class, and this minor, that in order to be a leader, you have to play to your strengths, have huge dreams, and know how to work well with different types of people that will make those dreams come true. Anyone, including myself, can be a leader.

So in answer to the above question, all you need to do is go look in a mirror, because what does a leader look like?

A leader looks like you.


Go change the world, readers! Until next time. Much love.

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Published by Mikaila Bisson

Hi there! I'm a Hope Senior from Sterling Heights, Michigan (about 45 minutes North of Detroit). I'm an English major with a Creative Writing emphasis (fitting), and have a Business minor. I'm super active in Hope life. I am a Student Ambassador, the Senior Treasurer on the Executive Board of Nykerk, and was involved in Orientation as an AD. I also work on campus at the Career Development Center as a Career Advisor, and at Hope's Physical Plant. I love playing any kind of sport (soccer's my favorite!), have a weakness for shoes, eat dessert twice a day, read like its my job, am currently watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and have a passion for Golden Retrievers. Contact me at because I'd love to hear from any and everyone. Also feel free to follow my super trendy Instagram account at @miktroubleee or my equally as trendy, even more Hope-filled Twitter account at @hopemikaila17 .

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