Confession: I Like Doing My Homework

If you’re a prospective student, you just read that title, and you’re already closing the window, I understand. You could keep reading, though; that would be cool. Alumni and others may understand what I’m about to say.

I finally think I know what I want to do with my life, and how can I tell? My homework is fun. Don’t take this the wrong way – while I may find peace, enjoyment, and excitement in what I’m currently doing, it’s no substitute for things like friends, donut runs, and other fun activities.

Yet when I’m doing my homework this semester, I find myself smiling at the things I’m reading, and being willing to go ahead in what I’m working on. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a secondary English education major with a psychology minor. My plan is to either become an English teacher, because I love the power that reading has had all throughout my life and I’d love to pass that on, or go to graduate school to become a school counselor.

In my English class, we read about reading and then wrote about what it has meant to us over the years. In my Educational Psychology textbook there are teacher tips that I just can’t get over. I can’t wait to help students grow and learn, whether it be as a teacher or a counselor.

I couldn’t have gotten this far without Hope. I mean that truly and honestly. Without the guidance that I have received since I got here, and the growing that I’ve done as a person through new friendships, classes, and activities, I would not be in the position that I’m in now. I’m forever grateful for what is happening in my life and the ways that God is working.

I’m taking this as a pretty decent sign that I’m heading in the right direction, and I’m so excited about it! My goal has always been to love whatever I’m doing. I’m loving it and loving that I’m loving it.

I hope that you’re doing what you love too!

If you have any questions for me you can contact me at, through Facebook, or my twitter @hopebrooke18! I’d love to answer them!

Published by Brooke Wharton

Hey there, my name's Brooke and I'm a sophomore at Hope right now from the southeast side of the state! I'm majoring in secondary English education with a psychology minor, so that I can spread the love of literature everywhere and maybe even become a counselor to help kiddos out with their current and future school life. So far at Hope I've helped with Time to Serve, joined a bible study, am 1-8 song girl, and a member of Greek Life! The only TV show I watch is New Girl, and I love reading young adult lit! You can email me or follow me on twitter @hopebrooke18! You can always find me on Facebook, too!

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