The Testimony of Jesus | 5.25 Uganda SEED

Everyone enjoyed a great night of sleep after our very long travel days. Today, we had our first day of sports ministries with our partner sports outreach. After breakfast at the hotel, we drove the bus to the sports outreach site. This was our first time seeing the city of Kampala come to life in the daylight. We arrived at sports outreach and began the day with devotions and worship with all the staff. We were all moved by the authentic way the people of Uganda worshiped. The speaker for the devotion, Julius, spoke at great lengths about the purpose of angels. He said that the purpose of angels is to bring about the testimony of Jesus. Our purpose as Christ followers is to also bring about this testimony through how we speak.

We were then informed that we would participate in a workout that ended up being a toasty soccer game with the promising new soccer team. We quickly realized that everyone besides Griffin, Gabby, and Zoey was entirely out of our league.

After our game, we were rewarded for our efforts with a delicious authentic homemade meal. We soon realized the importance of community during meals in their culture. We all tried new food alongside the good new soccer players and sports outreach staff. We got to ask each other questions and talk about their ministries. After lunch, we got a tour of the facility and heard about their goals to reach more children in their community. We also learned about all the foods grown on-site and used to make lunch.

Then, we had fun with children from the surrounding communities. We all split up and created different sports stations for them to participate in. All of us were struck by the amount of joy the children displayed. We all had so much fun! That concluded our day at the sports outreach site, and we headed back to our hotel, most of us falling asleep on the way to have dinner and debrief the day. The testimony of Jesus was alive and well today!

*Also, let it be known that Ryan Murphy thought his mosquito net was a bassinet*

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