House Church for the WIN!

To start our day, we woke up to watch the sunrise. It was an excellent way to see God’s beautiful creation. Our morning continued with conversations and some of us (Tilly and Jonathan) going for a run, and we all joined together eventually to enjoy breakfast. After breakfast, we joined in on the babies and kids church groups that Poetice offers during their adult house churches (they are like large small groups where they learn and grow together). After these couple of hours we split our boys and girls to join the young men and young women house church gatherings. The girls walked through a community neighboring the Poetice base to Nikkie’s house while the boys gathered in the worship center courtyard. Following the house church gatherings, we had chicken salad sandwiches with coleslaw for lunch with a quick turn around to start our Sawyer water filter distribution. We had the chance to break into small groups and work with people who requested a water filter and show them how they worked and are assembled. After doing this we walked with them to their homes to get them set up and show them how the water filter affects the water they are currently drinking and how it makes it cleaner and safer for consumption. Once we all got back from visiting the community, we went to the coffee house and got Cokes, Fantas, and Sprites which totally hit the spot. Shortly after this, we had a send off celebration to say goodbye to Poetice’s amazing staff and volunteers. We were able write notes of encouragement to each other and worship and receive prayer one final time. We then ate dinner all together and enjoyed final conversations while sharing a meal. After dinner we had another “de-long” where we shared the ways we saw God working today, and also shared with each other the things we saw in each other throughout this week. It was a great time of building each other up and appreciating each other’s gifts. We followed up our “de-long” by packing, games, and so many laughs. Knowing we leave Poetice at 5am makes us all tired so for now…

In a while crocodile,

Tilly and Maggee

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