Living Water | 5.26 Uganda SEED

Macey and Ryan here!

We started the morning off with a beautiful sunrise over the city of Kampala. After breakfast, we then traveled to the Sports Outreach ministry center again. We started with some praise songs and discussed the impact of the Angels. We finished the devotional session with some testimonies from the members of the ministry center and some of our very own group members!

After devotion, we had lunch with the members of the ministry center. We shared community between our groups while enjoying pork, rice, peas, and much more. We departed around 1 pm to go to the remote village of Degeya in the region of Kibogo.

They warmly welcomed us with open arms. We greeted the children and then demonstrated the assembly of the water filters. Maddie and Griffin led the demonstration with the assistance of Dr. Robert Katende. The rest of the group was hard at work hand-drilling holes for the water filters to attach to the buckets. Overall, we drilled 30 buckets! The water filters were then assembled and distributed to the community members. Afterward, the community gathered to watch a soccer match between the sports outreach members (Zoe, Gabby, and Griffin represented Hope College well by playing on the team!) and the community members of Degeya. Once the match concluded, we divided into small groups to share testimonies. 115 Degeya members accepted Jesus Christ as their savior!

After a long day, we returned to the hotel, shared a late dinner, and debriefed. We can’t wait to head to Nateete tomorrow, distribute more water filters, and spread Christ’s love.

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