Today we woke up in our hostel and went out to breakfast for one last hoorah with the Poetice staff before we hopped on the first plane to take us to South Africa. At breakfast, we recapped some of the trip, did a final debrief about re-entry with the Poetice staff, and solved riddles to pass the time. We said our final goodbyes to our new friends from Poetice at the airport with lots of hugs and a few tears. After a quick first flight, we did a little souvenir shopping in the Johannesburg airport before boarding our second leg of the journey headed for London. The 11-hour flight went by quick for most and slow for some but we made it to London safe and sound. We are currently sitting in the Heathrow airport waiting to board our final flight to Chicago, but before we go, we’re going to have one last meal all together since a few of us are parting ways in Chicago while the rest go back to Holland on the bus.

With this being the last blog, we want to thank all our friends and family who supported us and followed along on our journey! Although we’d love to hit the restart button, we can’t wait to see you all soon.

Be Smart. Be Safe. We’re Almost Home!

Libby and Conner (Bucky)

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