Goodbye Campusmail! Hello Hope Daily.

At the end of August (and for the first time in approximately 30 years!) the Public Affairs and Marketing team is changing the way mass emails are distributed to employees at Hope College. The current “campusmail” system of pushing out numerous emails x multiple times per day will be replaced with a single daily newsletter. “Hope Daily” will include a day’s worth of concise announcements and news items in one easy-to-read message.

“Hope Daily” will contain familiar sections and themes to hopefully create a simple-to-navigate message. You will find campus events, announcements, family news, Human Resources features and an Academic and Campus Governance section.

Messages of an urgent nature will still be distributed as necessary and separately from “Hope Daily.” These could include Clery Act timely warnings, safety notices, unplanned technology outages, and unplanned changes to building access or services. 

Example of the new Hope Daily message!

We believe that, though change is sometimes challenging, this upgrade will be very beneficial to our campus community. This allows us to sunset some outdated technology that our awesome partners at CIT have sustained for years. We hope this change will also allow us to somewhat mitigate the email fatigue that many of us experience. There may be days where there is no news to report. If so, we’ll skip “Hope Daily” that day and you’ll have one less message to review.

Our form for submitting an announcement or news item to “Hope Daily” is available linked under “Resources” on InHope.

Working version of the Hope Daily submission form (8/3/2022)

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