Benjamin Peecher – 2015

Dealloying NiCo and NiCoCu Alloy Thin Films Using Linear Sweep Voltammetry Research Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Hampton When electrodeposited into thin films, metals have unique and well-known electrochemical potentials at which they will be removed from the film. Theoretically, these potential differences can be utilized to re-oxidize only certain metals in an alloy, thus altering the […]

Surface Lab Renovations

This week, the Hampton Lab moved into their new space. The renovated space includes all new cabinetry, abundant work spaces, and a new fume hood. Kyla Koboski and Evan Nelsen work at the new peninsula. Jenny Hampton demonstrates the use of the new fume hood. Kyla analyzes previous data at one of the computer work […]

Using the SEM

Earlier this week, the Surface Lab got training on the use of the new Scanning Electron Microscope. Daniel McNeel is working on cataloging the electrodeposited metal thin film samples that were fabricated last summer and this summer. Here Daniel runs the SEM, while Emily Berger helps, and Nick Wozniak looks for a specific sample to […]

Surface Lab – Troubleshooting

At the beginning of week three of research, the Surface Lab discovered that the third of three existing reference electrodes has met an untimely end. What is supposed to establish a stable potential reference point is no longer doing so. (The other two have been broken for at least a week.) We borrowed the Fluke […]

Research Trip to Calvin College

On Friday, June 26, Jenny Hampton and her students traveled to Calvin College to use the Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) in Kumar Sinnah‘s lab in the Chemistry Department there. Nick Wozniak and Alyssa Frey both took turns at the controls of the AFM. The purpose of the trip was to look at the surface structure […]