Nuclear group at NSCL

The experiment on 21C is currently in unscheduled off as some repairs are made to the cyclotron here at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Lab. In one picture we see Eric working on some data analysis while waiting for the beam. The other picture shows that he is actually the experimenter-in-charge for the experiment (upper right […]

Friday Afternoon Progress in the Nuclear Group

Here is Matt after a good day of IBIL and PIXE on various mineral grains (zircons, etc.) The ion source is cooling and he is cleaning his sample holders. Eric made this great plot to help us understand the properties of the fragments from the decay of 13Li, 12Li, and 9He. Each of these unstable […]

Nuclear group at MoNA collaboration meeting

These are the MoNA collaborators at Westmont College. This morning Eric Lunderberg and Paul DeYoung, showed them how to sort our 13Li->11Li+2n data files so they can develop algorithms for finding events containing exactly two neutrons. This was done via videoconferencing and desktop sharing since they are located in California.

Inside the accelerator scattering chamber

This is the inside of the vacuum chamber. The dislodged target is hard to see but is on the ring (with angle marks) sort of behind things in the lower right. This is Graham Peaslee making sure that the set of targets that have been dislodged from the target mechanism are not going to jam […]