It’s our FINAL FAQ Friday!! We are so excited to welcome you to campus this upcoming week, and you can read below to find more information about textbooks, laundry, and more!


If we have a completely online class, how will we access work and lessons? You can access your class lectures and lessons on your Hope Moodle account using your Hope email credentials!

How early should we get to class? 5-10 minutes early! Or right on time! Whatever feels most comfortable for you.


When is the latest I can buy textbooks? Is when I arrive on campus too late? You can buy textbooks whenever! Ordering your textbooks earlier makes life easy because the Hope bookstore will still have things in stock, but you can still buy textbooks after arriving on campus.

Some textbooks I need to buy are out of stock and not available. What should I do? You do not need to buy textbooks directly from Hope’s bookstore. You can find your textbooks on Amazon, AbeBooks, ThriftBooks, or any other third-party seller. You can also join Hope College Garage Sale on Facebook; some students will sell their old textbooks there!

Campus Life

Do I need a membership to work out at the Dow? Nope, you just scan your ID card at the front desk whenever you want to workout or go inside. However, the Dow is currently closed and will not reopen until we get the go-ahead from the governor. 

Is the gym open? Unfortunately, no.

How do we sign up for Greek life? Greek rush takes place in the spring semester, so look out for more information about that later in the semester!

Will I need to wear a mask once I’m sitting at my desk at class? Yes, you will need to wear your mask at all times while in class, in academic buildings, and on congested sidewalks.

How are college visits working? Admissions is offering virtual tours, but overnight visits will not be happening due to the pandemic. For more information, you can contact or visit their website here

Can friends or family from home visit us on campus? Yes, they can visit campus or visit Holland, but they should not be inside your living space to prevent any COVID exposures. This is also to be mindful of the health of your living cohort. If you do end up having visitors in your living space, it is incredibly important that everyone is wearing a face covering and sanitizing after themselves.

Residential Life

What do we need to loft our beds? What do we have to bring from home or pick up there? Everything you need to loft your bed will be provided by your residence hall/cottage/apartment. Please keep in mind that in some residence halls with lower ceilings, such as Dykstra, you are not permitted to loft your bed (but you can bunk). 

How do you pay for laundry? All of the laundry machines on campus are bluetooth, and you can pay for your laundry through an app called PayRange. You load money onto your account, and when you want to use the machines, you connect to the app and pay for your load. 


Are we getting assistance carrying things while moving in? No, there will not be assistance provided during move-in, but OAs will be stationed at each residence hall to hold doors for you and help direct you around the building/campus. However, you can bring as many people as you would like to help you move in as long as everyone is wearing a face covering.

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