The Summer Bridge Program was more than arriving at Hope two/three weeks earlier than my
peers; but was a program that has supported me throughout my college career by giving me all
the resources I didn’t know I needed to thrive at Hope College. Like many others, the excitement
of meeting other first-year students, earning college credit, and becoming familiar with campus
life drew me to the program. However, in completing the program, I understood what life at
Hope could be like if I utilized the incredible resources Hope has to offer and understood the
importance of connections. As one of the 2022 Summer Bridge Directors, I can confidently say
the Bridge program was one of the best opportunities I took advantage of in my time at Hope.
Even now, as a rising Senior, the Bridge community has encouraged me to value my identity,
grow in my leadership skills and be an agent of change every day.

My most extensive advice to the incoming Bridge students is to be kind, pursue your potential,
and always have a curiosity to learn, whether it be from the classroom or others. To the
incoming Summer Bridge students — the Summer Bridge staff can not wait to walk alongside
you during this foundational experience. We are so glad you chose Bridge to welcome you to the
next exciting chapter of your life!

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Hope College New Student Orientation strives to create a smooth and welcoming transition to college for students and their families.

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