Summer Bridge

The Summer Bridge Program was more than arriving at Hope two/three weeks earlier than mypeers; but was a program that has supported me throughout my college career by giving me allthe resources I didn’t know I needed to thrive at Hope College. Like many others, the excitementof meeting other first-year students, earning college credit, and …

Generosity at Hope

A message from Josh Abbas, As Vice President of Student Congress, I have had the opportunity to see the many thingsstudents involve themselves in. With 50+ student organizations and 20+ sports teams, the studentbody is filled with diverse experiences, ideas, and identities. With so many opportunities tochoose from, it is easy for students to feel …

Getting Involved & S2S

Hello, class of 2026! My name is Carole Chee and I am beyond excited to welcome you to campus in just a few short months. Along with Amadu Bah, I am coordinating the Step2Success (S2S) program, which is an invitation-only, pre-orientation program designed for students from diverse and minoritized backgrounds. Students and their families move …

Life at Hope from a Faithful Perspective

A message from Senior Tim Wageman, As the I walked up the stairs to Dimnent Chapel, I was greeted with “we’re glad you’re here” and high fives. The great wooden doors opened to reveal that Dimnent was just as beautiful inside as the outside. Scurrying along to find my seat in the packed Friday chapel, …

The College Transition during a Global Pandemic

Welcome back to the Orientation blog! Today, Assistant Director Sarah Gruchow shares some of her thoughts after her experience this past year at Hope as a freshman. We know that new students are transitioning to college during a weird time, so we hope that her advice inspires you:

Words of Wisdom on the 5 Messages: Be a Good Human

Welcome back to the Orientation Blog! Today, Assistant Director Haley is giving some Words of Wisdom on the 4th message of Orientation, Be a Good Human:
Being a good human means living in a way that shows care and love for the people and the planet around you. It can be easy at college to put the emphasis on school. While classes are important and a big reason why you’re at Hope, I encourage you to also put effort into being intentional in the ways you interact with those around you. 

Words of Wisdom on the 5 Messages: Value Differences

Welcome back to the Orientation blog! Today, an Assistant Director, Abigail Pineda, is sharing some words of wisdom on one of our five messages: Value Differences.

Let me be one other person out of many to welcome you to one of the most exciting seasons of your life. Your time at Hope College will be unlike anybody else’s experience and there’s something really cool about that. Yet, you should know that you do not walk alone because we are all in the same place at the same time. With this in mind, our Orientation community encourages you to value the differences you will undoubtedly be a witness to. 

Words of Wisdom on The 5 Messages: Mindset Matters

When I arrived on campus in August of 2018, I found myself far away from home and did not know anyone at Hope. In fact, barely any friends or family thought I would leave Minnesota for college because I was a homebody who didn’t even like sleepovers when I was younger!