Welcome back to the Orientation Blog! Today we have a re-cap of the FAQ Friday Livestream on June 25th.

What is the process for doing laundry on campus?

Everyone develops their own system for how often they do laundry. It is an important part of self care and cleanliness, though, so we want to encourage you to practice doing laundry at home at least once before you move in. It will save you a lot of googling! Every residence hall has a laundry room with plenty of washers and dryers. You will download an app that connects to the machines, load money into your account, and away you go! It is $1.50 for a wash cycle and $1.50 for a dryer cycle. Don’t bring quarters!

Do I need to have a car on campus?

We answered this question in a previous FAQ Friday! Check it out here. Shuttles to Meijer as well as some local churches run weekly. 

What are some commonly forgotten items?

  • Towels! Don’t forget that you’ll need a towel, shower shoes, and any other bathroom supplies for the shared bathrooms in most residence halls. 
  • School supplies: gathering these items can sometimes get lost in the hubbub of the weekend, but they are important because school starts on August 31st. The bookstore sells lots of these items but it can get pricey so we recommend purchasing them before you arrive to save money.
  • Some emergency cash: it’s nice to have a $20 bill tucked away when you need some cash on the fly!
  • Drawers/organizational system for underneath your bed or in your closet!

Do people decorate their rooms?

Yes! Bring wall hangings, art, pictures, lights, and anything that makes it feel like home. If you are planning on decorating the walls, make sure to bring blue painters tape and Command strips. 

How do I know who is bringing what?

In the next few weeks you will be getting a housing and roommate assignment. It’s important to reach out to them via email or phone to discuss splitting up some of the bigger items such as a mini fridge or TV.

What kinds of kitchen supplies should I bring?

Microwaves and appliances like toasters are not permitted, but each residence hall has a full kitchen for students to use. We recommend bringing a plate and bowl, some utensils, and a reusable water bottle. Also, dish soap is a multipurpose item that works great for washing dishes and as a stain remover! Snacks for on-the-go are great for fueling up on the way to class.

What should I leave at home?

Candles, microwaves, toasters, and maybe that 10th throw pillow that will probably just live on your floor.

What’s one thing you wish you brought?

A clip-on side table. There are small “tables” that clamp onto the frame of your bed that are great for storing all of your bedside belongings. Along with that, an extra long charging cable for your phone is a great investment! Extension cords and power strips are also great for charging technology and general ease.

What technology do people usually bring?

Most people bring a phone and a laptop. Students use all brands of technology and there isn’t one certain kind that is specific to Hope. Common software are Google (for Docs, Sheets, etc.) or Microsoft (for Word, Excel, etc.). There are computer labs in all residence halls as well as most academic buildings for use if something breaks! In case of emergency, CIT and the library are both great resources for checking out laptops if yours needs to be fixed.

Can I tour the residence hall I was assigned to?

Click here to see an online tour of all of the residence halls!

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